Savings And Sustainability

Syncing Savings with Sustainability

Savings and Sustainability

Learn How You Can Save Today

PowerSync is a powerful controller for any fleet that reduces costs and carbon emissions.

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Controlling Emissions while Controlling your Fleet

PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller is the leading fleet technology to help reduce carbon emissions as well as money to your bottom line. To the right is an example of how a fleet of 60 vehicles contributes about 159 metric tons of green house gas into the atmosphere.

With this much carbon emissions you will need technology to reduce your impact of the environment and that technology is PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller.
Fleet Green House Gas

PowerSync’s controllers reduce green house gases by 127.1 metric tons, almost 50 vehicles, this is a substantial amount of impact on the environment. This is where was sync savings and sustainability.

Single Panel Solution

PowerSync’s controls up to 42 vehicles in one single panel with patented controls algorithms to maximize your annual savings, up to 80% or more in electrical usage each year.

savings and sustainability
School electrical savings

PowerSync Savings in Action – Incredible Savings and Sustainability 

Lawrence School transportation department has a diesel bus fleet of 186 buses and started utilizing PowerSync Block Heater Controllers after discovering their electrical, emissions, and cost savings.

The issue

Lawrence Township was spending $47,000 annually with the majority of the usage during the winter months. Resulting in 20 hours per day each week and 48 hours per weekend, consuming 1.0 Watts of electricity.

The PowerSync Solution

Lawrence Township transportation department chose PowerSync as the solution to reduce block heating electrical usage. PowerSync managed 48 buses in one single panel and delivered savings.

The Savings

PowerSync Intelligent Block heater Controller saves Lawrence Township transportation department between 53% – 77% kWh each month, with savings of $45,000 in 6 months