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We have been very happy with the system. We have it set to come on at 3:00 AM if the temp is below 22 degrees. And it is set to turn off at 6:00 AM. This way the buses are plugged in when not on route and always ready for the system to go. This is much better than having to have the buses drawing power 20 hours a day or more on weekends. At 900 watts per bus = 2.7kw for the 3 hours if needed vs 18kw on weekdays and 21.6kw on weekends. We do not have them set to come on during the weekend. 22 buses x 2.7 = 59.4kw per week vs. 396kw is a significant savings. We believe the first year the system paid for itself. The savings are even greater when the temps do not fall below the 22 degrees and the system does not come on vs a timer that does not check temperature. Part of the system will show how much “latch time” the system calls for. When we had a significant cold snap, I locked the system on with the flip of a switch so it was on all the time and kept the buses warm vs trying to recover from the below 0 temps we had.

Mike Reinders

Winnebago School

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School buses are a vital part of our school operation and with buses come costs associated with the operation. As a school superintendent, I understand the need to have reliable transportation services for our students to utilize educational opportunities. Solutions to reduce operational costs help us maintain services. The Intelligent Block Heater Control Panel provided through Power Grid Energy Solutions has been an outside product that reduces our electrical cost and keeps our buses operational in cold weather. This product utilizes both a time and temperature component, which maximizes savings for the district. The funds that would have been spent on electrical cost can be funneled to another need or reduced if necessary. The great thing about the Intelligent Block Heater Control Panel is that it pays for itself over time, and the rest is savings.

Dr. James Hanna

Rossville Consolidated Schools Superintendant

Dr Hanna’s video testimony

We installed the PowerSync block heater control system in 2019. Before we put in the block heater system we were losing bock heaters at a high failure rate and we had a very cold period and during the cold period we found out we had 68 block heaters that were not working.  Just the block heater itself can range from $75 to $100 plus labor of an hour and a half, so you’re at another $200 to $250 per bus. More importantly is the down time you have involved with that and since we put the system in and operating we have replaced less that 6 block heaters. 

Allen Fiddler

Lawrence Township School Fleet Maintenance

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If a director were to get on the phone to call me and say, Hey, we’re having problems with our block heaters or paying a crazy amount for power for our block heaters and what would you recommend? I would say to them, come over and check out our system and see what we’ve done. We are certainly on board and we would recommend (PowerSync) it to anyone.

Matt Miles 

Lawrence Township Transportation Director

PowerSync's Customer Success 1See Matt Miles Video Testimony

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If you’re looking for a way to lower your fleet’s electricity consumption and save money, look no further than PowerSync. Our innovative technology not only reduces your energy usage, but it also qualifies your fleet for government incentive programs. With these financial benefits, you can rest assured that PowerSync is a smart investment for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.