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Syncing Savings with Sustainability

The PowerSync Block Heater Controller Start

BrightSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller was renamed PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller in 2019. We not only own, but also designed the PowerSync engine block heater controller at Power Grid Energy Solutions, LLC, therefore you have our personal promise that you will receive a high-quality American-made equipment with excellent customer support.

PowerSync has become the go to technology when fleet operations need to reduce costs and offset unplanned fuel expenditures.
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More About PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller 

With a combined 35-years of experience in the energy industry, PowerSync provides a green solution to reduce your carbon footprint while lowering electric costs and qualifying your fleet for incentives from your local electric company.

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Four Features to Control your Fleet Maintenance

Here’s how it works: Simply program your outside temperature set point and your fleet vehicles operating schedule into our user-friendly controller display and PowerSync’s intelligent controller will do make the decision when or if block heating is needed. This means you will have peace of mind that our intelligent panel will maximize your fleet savings.


Patented and Custom-Built Controls

Any form of power distribution system can be customized with PowerSync panels. Our enclosures are absolutely weatherproof and will survive for years when used outside.



PowerSync is a product that uses “Green Technology.” There may be electricity company rebates available. For further information, contact your local power company.


Remote Access

Connect your Ethernet or BACnet network. With PowerSync, you may remotely operate your fleet’s PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller.



PowerSync can control up to 42 vehicles from a single panel, so there’s no need to fiddle with individual timers or tethered devices that won’t withstand heavy use or weather.