Saving organizations money
while saving the environment

PowerSync is the easiest and fastest way for fleet owners to save money!

Our patented PowerSync intelligent block heater controller is the ONLY block heater controller on the market that delivers proven energy savings of thousands of dollars each winter. Our patented features allow you to control your fleet in “Zones”, outside temperature, schedules or a combination of all 3 which will deliver you the maximum amount of energy savings year after year.

Why PowerSync:
• Small, medium and large fleets. Patented multi-vehicle controllers - Up to 42 vehicles in one single panel.
Proven energy savings of up to $250 or more per vehicle annually.
• Estimated energy reduction of up to 80% or more!

• Our patented control algorithms allow you the flexibilty to control your fleet that best fits your needs.
• Easy and fast panel installation means you'll start saving BIG money immediately. 
• BACnet over IP allows for easy building management or network connections. 

•Typical project payback will be 2 years or less in most cases.
• Reduce electrical costs and carbon emissions - save money and the environment.
• PowerSync qualifies for Custom Incentives with most major power companies, as much as 40% of the total project.

PowerSync was engineered for any fleet operation with multiple diesel vehicles. Our controllers are easy to install and deliver a fast payback.

PowerSync controllers are all custom built to your locations specific electrical systems and designed to meet your complex fleet schedules, giving you the maximum amount of control and energy savings year after year.

Finally! The fleet industry has a technology like PowerSync to reduce huge electrical costs associated with block heating during winter months. Your fleet vehicles typically consume 900-1500 watts of power, so it's like leaving (15) 100 watt lights burning at your house, you wouldn't do this at home, so why do it with your fleet?

PowerSync is easy to install and a "No Brainer" when you want to save money fast.

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 Easy Installation Pictures

PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller

Intelligent Block Heater Controller 1
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 2
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 3
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 4
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 5
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 6
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 7
Intelligent Block Heater Controller 8
(40) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

1.25 Kw Block Heaters

$.12 kWh power cost

Your cost w/o PowerSync- $15,171

Your cost with PowerSync – $1,026

Annual Savings – $14,145.25

* PowerSync works well for the school bus transportation departments to reduce costs

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(60) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

1.25 Kw Block Heaters

$.12 kWh power cost

Your cost w/o PowerSync – $22,757

Your cost with PowerSync- $1,539

Annual Savings – $21,218.25

* Power Company Incentives up to 40% may apply

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(80) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

1.25 Kw Block Heaters

$.12 kWh power cost

Your cost w/o PowerSync – $30,343

Your cost with PowerSync – $2,052

Annual Savings – $28,291.25

* Power Company Incentives up to 40% may apply

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(100) Fleet Vehicle Est. Savings

1.25 Kw Block Heaters

$.12 kWh power cost

Your cost w/o PowerSync – $37,929

Your cost with PowerSync – $2,565

Annual Savings – $35,364.25

* Power Company Incentives up to 40% may apply

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PowerSync’s engine block heater controller uses a patented control algorithm that was designed to maximize energy savings for any type of fleet. Our Intelligent controllers know when to energize your engine block heater circuits, saving you thousands of dollars year after year as well as the environment!

PowerSync controllers work on school bus transportation or trucking.

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Multiple schedules is no problem for our patented “Zone” feature!  Configure up to (4) zones with different schedules and increase your savings even more!

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Our patented controllers have options for different connection protocols, making it easy to connect to building management systems, facility networks, or wireless devices.

BACnet over IP



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    PowerSync Customer Service

    Need more information about our patented controllers, parts or service? Contact one of the numbers below for a expert consultation. You can also leave a comment on our contact page.

    Kurt – President / Energy Consultant (317) 695-5275

    Sonny – Vice President / Engineering (765) 650-0372

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    Client Testimonials

    Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

    May 3, 2019 We have been very happy with the system. We have it set to come on at 3:00 AM if the temp is below 22 degrees. And it is set to turn off at 6:00 AM. This way the buses are plugged in when not on route and always ready for the system to go. This is much better than having to have the buses drawing power 20 hours a day or more on weekends. At 900 watts per bus = 2.7kw for the 3 hours if needed vs 18kw on weekdays and 21.6kw on weekends. We do not have them set to come on during the weekend. 22 buses x 2.7 = 59.4kw per week vs. 396kw is a significant savings. We believe the first year the system paid for itself. The savings are even greater when the temps do not fall below the 22 degrees and the system does not come on vs a timer that does not check temperature. Part of the system will show how much “latch time” the system calls for. When we had a significant cold snap, I locked the system on with the flip of a switch so it was on all the time and kept the buses warm vs trying to recover from the below 0 temps we had.

    Mike Reinders

    Winnebago School

    School buses are a vital part of our school operation and with buses come costs associated with the operation. As a school superintendent, I understand the need to have reliable transportation services for our students to utilize educational opportunities. Solutions to reduce operational costs help us maintain services. The Intelligent Block Heater Control Panel provided through Power Grid Energy Solutions has been an outside product that reduces our electrical cost and keeps our buses operational in cold weather. This product utilizes both a time and temperature component, which maximizes savings for the district. The funds that would have been spent on electrical cost can be funneled to another need or reduced if necessary. The great thing about the Intelligent Block Heater Control Panel is that it pays for itself over time, and the rest is savings..

    DR, James Hanna

    Rossville Consolidated Schools

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    PowerSync Advantage

    PowerSync’s patented controllers work well with:

    * Day Cab Fleets *School Bus Fleets * Delivery Van Fleets * Waste Haul Fleets * Military Fleets * LTL Fleets

    PowerSync is a “No Brainer” for fleet owners because our controllers are designed specifically for the transportation industry to save money and the environment.

    Est. Energy Reduction

    Fleet Size per Controllers
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