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School bus block heater:

The Lawrence School Transportation Department has a diesel bus fleet of 186 buses with block heaters to keep their engines warm in the winter. Because a warm diesel engine starts much easier than a cold one, block heating is an important feature. A basic block heater can supply between 900 and 1500 watts when plugged in by the drivers.

The issue for school transportation:

During the winter months, when all 186 school buses are plugged in and block heaters are switched on, the Lawrence Township school transportation service spends $47,000 on power. During the week, the 186 buses use 1.0 Watts of electricity for 20 hours, and on weekends, they use 48 hours.

Impressive Cost savings Solution:

The Lawrence Township school transportation department chose the PowerSync Intelligent block heater controller to reduce block heating electrical usage. PowerSync’s controller can manage up to 48 buses in one single panel using proprietary management algorithms and overnight and mid-day schedules. The PowerSync panels can reduce your electricity expenditure by up to 80%.

PowerSync School Bus Block Heaters Result:

The results are based on the previous year’s usage with no block heater controls. The savings are all based off their current rate of $.17 / kWh.

• October 2018 Usage – 54360 kWh • October 2019 Usage – 25440 kWh

o 53.2% kWh reduction – 28,920 kWh

• November 2018 usage – 94,200 kWh • November 2019 usage – 30,720 kWh

o 67.4% kWh reduction – 63,480 kWh

• December 2018 usage – 99,650 kWh • December 2019 usage – 23,320

o 76.6% kwh reduction – 76,330 kWh

• January 2019 usage – 85,800 kWh • January 2020 usage – 5044 kWh

o 94% kWh reduction – 80,756 kWh

• February 2019 usage – 90,360 kWh • February 2020 usage – 29,760 kWh

o 67% kWh reduction – 60,600 kWh

• March 2019 usage – 77,760 kWh • March 2020 usage – 17,760 kWh

o 77% kWh reduction – 60,000 kWh

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The Cost to use block heaters

The cost of electricity for school bus block heaters is calculated per kilowatt hour (kw/hr). A 1500 watt school bus engine heater, for example, consumes 1.5 kilowatt hours (1500 watt = 1.5 kilowatt). A 1500 watt school bus engine heater would cost $0.15 (15 cents) per hour to operate if your electrical costs are $0.10 per kilowatt hour.
Because a typical school bus is plugged in for 20 hours per day, the cost is $3.00 each day, or $15.00 for Monday through Friday, and $5.40 for Saturday and Sunday. (3 hours and 36 minutes) It will cost you $20.40 a week to heat the bus engine block. Assuming a 20-week winter season, the annual cost per bus would be $408. Multiply $408 by the number of buses in your fleet. These numbers are staggering, so imagine reducing this by as much as 80 or more!

Many of the schools we work with are unaware of the cost of plugging the buses in during the winter when using engine block heating warmers, so once we show them the annual energy cost and then the PowerSync solution, it’s typically a no-brainer. PowerSync’s amazing savings and quick return on investment make it a no-brainer for any fleet owner.

To learn about how PowerSync’s Intelligent block heater controller can reduce your block heating costs by as much as 80%, Contact Us Today:

PowerSync Advantage

With the rising costs of diesel fuel PowerSync Intelligent block heater controller will save you thousands of dollars each winter that can go right back in your budget to offset fuel. PowerSync is your single source solution to manage costs associated with block heating your fleet. Get exceptional costs reduction as much as 94% year after year.

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