Heavy Duty Parts Report Interview

Saving Organizations Money While Saving The Environment

Heavy Duty Truck Parts Interview

Heavy Duty Parts Report interviewed Power Grid Energy Solutions, LLC about our PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller. PowerSync is a powerful tool for any truck or bus fleet, that will reduce costs and carbon emissions associated with block heating. PowerSync will sync your block heater electrical circuits with outside temperature, schedules, day and time and fleet zones.

PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller was featured on the Heavy Duty Parts Report podcast April 2nd 2021. The video will explain what PowerSync is all about and how much money you could be saving when PowerSync controls your block heating circuits.

Watch the video and contact us to learn more about what PowerSync can do for your fleet operation.

Heavy Duty Parts Podcast Video

Fleet Carbon Emissions

PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller is the leading fleet technology to help reduce carbon emissions as well as money to your bottom line. Below is an example of how much green house gas block heating contributes for a fleet of 60 vehicles. A fleet of 60 vehicle contributes about 159 metric tons of green house gas into the atmosphere. With this much carbon emissions you will need technology to reduce your impact of the environment and that technology is PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller.

Carbon Emissions

Fleet Carbon Emissions Reduction

Fleet block heating is one of the industries top contributors for carbon emissions, so below you will see the impact our Intelligent controllers will have on the reducing your green house gases or carbon emissions. PowerSync’s controllers reduced green house gases by127.1 metric tons, this is a substantial amount of impact on the environment, so do the right thing and contact us today.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

PowerSync Intelligent block heater controller is the only fleet block heating technology offering up to 42 vehicles in one single panel and patented controls algorithms which maximize your annual savings. PowerSync in most cases can deliver up to 80% or more in electrical usage year after year. What makes or product so unique is our ability to “zone” your fleet, create schedules that will fit just about any fleet operation schedules, not to mention we control by outside temperature and day and time.

Power Company Incentives

Most major power companies are recognizing PowerSync’s Intelligent Block Heater Controller will incredible incentives for up to 40% or more in rebates / Incentives. Since PowerSync is the only fleet block heating solution on the market power companies are willing to offer “free” money to install our product.

An example of incentives that have been paid out for our products is an Indiana School with 187 buses. The schools total project installed was estimated to have an annual savings of $35,000 and the Power company offered and paid out a $23,000 incentive. The project with the incentive produced an ROI of about 6 months. Always check with your local utility for incentives when selecting PowerSync intelligent block heater controllers as your fleet energy solution.

How Do I find Out How Much I Can Save

PowerSync’s patented fleet energy system will deliver your school or business incredible savings and reduce carbon emissions.

Our process to find out how much you can save is easy, we just need a few bits of information from you and we will be able to impress you with how much money PowerSync Intelligent Block Heater Controller’s will save your fleet operation. Most of our customers see up to a 80% or more in electrical costs reduction associated with block heating. Don’t hesitate contact us today either by phone of through our contact page above for your Free energy analysis. The typical turn around time to get your estimated energy savings analysis is usually about 1 week, but during busy times this could be longer.