Incredible Electrical Circuit Control

Saving Organizations Money While Saving The Environment

Have you every wanted to have multiple electrical circuit control, either to make a process easier or to save money by scheduling when electrical circuits would be on or off? Well now you can with PowerSync electrical circuit control.
Electrical circuit control

Stop wasting money using electrical power when you don’t need too. PowerSync was developed to control multiple electrical circuits for bus or trucking fleet block heater circuits. We have had customers reach out to us to help them reduce electrical cost on areas where they have multiple electrical circuits running when several hours in the evenings when not needed.

PowerSync can effectively control by schedule (up to 3 separate schedules), temperature and by zone and up to 48 circuits. If you have circuits that need to be batched into zones we can easily group (zone) them all independently of each other to get you the maximum amount of savings or electrical circuit control.

PowerSync is the only multi-vehicle block heater on the market and recently we have been working with other customers to control circuits within their facilities to reduce costs as well as reducing their carbon emissions. PowerSync has been the leader in block heater controls since 2009 and we believe we need to save our environment, so by utilizing our patented green technology in our applications just make since when help to conserve our natural resources.

Our patented technology has proven electrical savings of up to 80% or more, saving our customers thousands of dollars each year and reducing their carbon footprint when using PowerSync.

So if you’re looking for electrical circuit control, then PowerSync is the technology for you and your business. The panels are easily installed by a qualified electrician or PowerSync has highly certified electrical installers to help you with your installation if needed. We will also provide you a free energy saving analysis if you would like to know how much PowerSync can reduce your electrical spend. With just a few easy steps you can be saving money or streamlining your process by controlling those electrical circuits.

PowerSync’s patented green technology qualifies for amazing incentives from most major power companies, so be sure to check your local power provider for custom incentives when reducing your electrical usage with PowerSync. Most power company incentives can off-set up to 40% or more of the total project costs, so why not take advantage of free money. PowerSync has a qualified staff to help you check for incentives and to help you with securing incentive money where available.

PowerSync works on just about any standard electrical distribution panel and installation is easy and fast, so you can start saving money right away. Even if you are not sure about whether our patented technology will work for you, just reach out and we can have one of our highly qualified technicians contact you.

Our staff has a combined 30 years experience in energy conservation where we developed and managed hundreds of energy type projects, saving out customers millions of dollars annually. You can be confident we can help you when working with PowerSync and know that you have the quality and reliability you can trust.

Don’t wait, contact us today and get control over those circuits and start saving money now!

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