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Custom Rebate Programs

Where to find an amazing custom rebate programs for PowerSync Installations

PowerSync’s intelligent block heater controller qualifies for custom rebate programs with most power companies. Below is a list of just a few power companies that may provide you with a custom rebate for installing PowerSync block heater controls. Custom incentive programs are a great way to increase your return on investment or if you need help pushing your energy project to the payback threshold. Although PowerSync in most cases has a fast payback, incentives are a great reward for installing energy efficiency products. Please be sure to check with your Power company for rebates. If you need assistance to check if your school or business qualifies, please click the button and we will be glad to help you.

Duke Energy Smart Saver Custom Incentives

NIPSCO Custom Incentives

Indiana Michigan Smart @ WorkCustom Incentives

Ameren Custom Rebates